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COURSE COSTS: None. COURSE CAPACITY MIN/MAX: 10/20 students (AG-349/849 in total) EXAMINATION SUPPORT MATERIAL: Bilingual Econometrics (7.5+5 ECTS) together with Statistical Preliminaries (2.5 ECTS) and Time Series Analysis (2.5 ECTS). In addition to the mandatory courses, a large number of optional courses are available in collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics and Stockholm University. 5 ECTS BSP2001 Macro and International Economics 2NE769 Applied Macroeconomics from ACC 1002 at National University of Singapore o Assignment II, 1.5 ECTS Credits The first block (Econometrics I) deals with simple- and multiple linear regression and how models are affected by particular choices that we make such that the model assumptions are invalid. We also cover the basics of instrumental … SWEDISH (31-52,5 ECTS) 2(3) Grades Three-grade scale, U, G, VG Course literature The course literature is decided upon by the department in question.

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COURSE PERIOD: Autumn semester (June–July), every second year. LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION AND EXAMINATION Etik med livsåskådningsvetenskap, 6,5 hp Ethics and View of Life Studies, 6,5 ECTS . FO40010 . Program . Forskarutbildning Community Educators as Adventure Education Experts 5 ECTS, Summer 2021 Adventure Education, Community Educators, Courses, English Avoin amk This course has been designed to suit the needs of PhD students conducting research in the humanities. The overarching aim is to improve the participants’ academic writing skills in English in order to facilitate publication output in international peer-reviewed journals. Also included in the course is the preparation of monograph proposals.

Industrial Ecology and Life Cycle Assessment. 1 semester. 5 ECTS.

Image Analysis 7,5 ECTS autumn 2019 Lunds universitet

3, 2024, June block, SKOG250 - 10 ects. Spring parallel, SKOG 230. January block, NATF200  UP52019K University Pedagogy 5 ects English.

KEMM22 Kursplan för Koordinationskemi 7,5 högskolepoäng

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Lärare: Tanja Kähkönen; Lärare: Merja Maikkola. Oulun yliopisto.

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Study in Europe Essential information for students from abroad to study in the EU. ECTS Grading Scale or European Credit and Transfer and Accumulation System is an evaluating system of the European Commission. This evaluating framework has been created to support students, in their exchange starting with one college to another, by giving them a common reviewing platform. ECTS-credit points are earned on the completion of a course, module, or a seminar. Each ECTS point represents the workload completed in that period.
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Fall semester: Drug development and use 25 ECTS. Research orientation 5 ECTS. Selection of study track: 1. This should be taken into consideration when using ECTS credits. Grades.

Lectures and seminars.
Dopamine oxytocin and endorphins

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Credit and Student Progression . ECTS credits are awarded to a student only upon successful completion of the course year. ECTS Grading Scale or European Credit and Transfer and Accumulation System is an evaluating system of the European Commission.

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Calculation of GPA based on diplomas with alphabetical grades on the ECTS scale ECTS credits Business research methods (Obligatory) 7.5 Marketing and Business Development (Obligatory) 7.5 Business by Web and Web Analytics (Obligatory) 7.5 International Business Environment (Obligatory) 7.5 2017-03-06 COSM 1: Cultural Organisation & Sustainability Management 5 ECTS; COSM 2: Cultural Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Management 5 ECTS; COSM 3: Cultural Management & 3 Dimensions of the Sustainability: Environmental, Social & Economic 5 ECTS Secondary Metabolites in Plant Resistance and Pathogen Virulence, 5 ECTS. Contact. Facts. Print. Listen.