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Work with global experts. Our neighbouring rights team has expert local knowledge and long established relationships with collection societies, so we collect directly to minimize society commissions and ensure all rights are administered to the highest standard. 2015-04-30 · Willard Ahdritz thinks the music industry may be about to err by placing more faith in Apple’s upcoming subscription service Spotify is under pressure over its freemium model, but Kobalt’s CEO Willard Ahdritz. 50, Founder/CEO, Kobalt. Last year's rank: 57. Ahdritz's independent label services giant took massive steps to increase transparency and client revenue by expanding its tracking 2018-05-04 · Willard Ahdritz: We're unique in being 100% transparent, and with a new concept: We're going to pay artists. And that means we’re a service provider.

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BBC Music. October 2017. Retrieved 2018-11-09. ↑ Crunchbase staff. "Willard Ahdritz > Education". crunchbase.

"Willard Ahdritz: "Folk kallade mig idiot när jag startade Kobalt " ".

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He wanted to give artists, songwriters, musicians, labels and publishers the freedom and transparency they needed to build their careers. Nyheter om "Willard Ahdritz" 27 jan 2020. Willard Ahdritz kliver åt sidan – lämnar som vd på Kobalt Music. Räknar med att omsätta 6,7 miljarder.

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Willard ahdritz

Willard Bengt Anders Ahdritz Address, Related People and Companies Kobalt Founder Willard Ahdritz How the pandemic has changed the way Kobalt works . So as you know, we take care of 40,000 creators. Every week, we represent 50 – 70% of the Top 100 on the charts. 2015-04-30 Kobalt CEO Willard Ahdritz delights in ruffling feathers within the music industry, so his appearance as a keynote speaker at Music Biz and Music Ally’s NY:LON Connect conference in New York promised to deliver a fair few zingers. He was interviewed by Music Ally CEO Paul Brindley.

Willard ahdritz

"Jag är stolt över att säga att vi har skiftat över 3 miljarder dollar i värde tillbaka till våra klienter på plattformen utan någon ägarmodell", säger han. Willard Ahdritz. Hörupsvägen 141, 276 35 Borrby. Willard Lind. Lidhem Kuskbostaden, 362 51 Väckelsång. Hemadress. Willard Ståhl 070-727 27 Visa.
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Willard Ahdritz is the Founder & CEO of Kobalt Music Group, the world’s leading independent music services company, built for artists, songwriters, publishers and labels as an alternative to the traditional music business model. 2018-05-04 Willard Ahdritz: “From our first release in 2009, the vision has been to redefine. This is a very important point that verifies what we thought would happen in the market, 2016-05-19 De senaste tweetarna från @WillardAhdritz Bandet bestod av Anders Larsson, Willard Ahdritz, Mikael C Sandgren och Per Selinder.

Bolaget avregistrerades 2005. Kobalt Music Group is an independent rights management and publishing company that was founded in 2000 by CEO Willard Ahdritz. It represents artists s.
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Kobalt has prioritized creators from the start. Willard Ahdritz founded Kobalt in 2000 with a mission: Making the music industry more fair and rewarding for creators. He wanted to give artists, songwriters, musicians, labels and publishers the freedom and transparency they needed to build their careers. Today, Kobalt does exactly that.

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/Kobalt Music. Willard Ahdritz. Utvalt. Google och Michael Dell satsar halv miljard på svensk musikentreprenör.